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  1. Hi Don. The concept of ancestry is one of relationship and phylogeny, which (by/like the question implies), assumes evolution and so an answer can potentially be sought, though the further back in time we go, especially at some junctures, it can be tricky, for various reasons, but this question is precisely a key one which you will be able to find with this programme. When I say tricky, I in no way mean that the whole concept could be wrong or major, distinct alternatives are open to consideration. By way of example or comparison, it is like a child walking home from school and being seen by multiple CCTV cameras, which can track people’s whereabouts in terms of time and location. There may be some specific points along the way where there were no cameras or some obscuring took place, but the route and times are not in dispute, merely what may have occurred, if anything different, at these specific points. The gaps are natural, explainable and expected ones. Are you an enquiring creationist? If so, or my advice for those who are, is to analyse how anyone can see and trace this lineage (with no pre-conceptions) and examine how life is or is not interrelated., and consider that, if anyone thinks not, how such results are shown as they are, and what other explanation can possibly result from them and the statistical improbability of such occurring. To give an indication of an answer to your question, we share a Eukaryotic ancestor which in turn stemmed from an Archean one, but it would not be possible to tell you what species, but please note that this is not a failure, any more than asking you to name the individual from 1000 years ago, from whom you descended. I am not sure as to the reason or motive for the question, so I am not sure how helpful my answer is, though Steve
  2. Great. Will get that sorted. It was my Heinz 57. It is a British joke about the number of varieties of naked beans and I had plnned it to be used by Aron Ra on one of his videos. Thanksd for removing.
  3. Hi Ross. I see. You need to register as a volunteer and for data entry, so the data entry team know of your existence and can log you and any work done. You can do as much or little as you like and will get updates in the forum and you'll get a personal project email. I will speak to the social media manager anmd wed w8ill work on clarifying onbosarding, based on your experience/feedback, too. We are working on documenation and it will be shared/available when ready. Was the joke, 'Heinz 57' in the dog clade? I really appreciate your help, Ross. Please stick with us. You can continue to edit until/unless any other update comes up, which will be in the data entry forum. Hope that helps.
  4. Sure. Will let you know. Yes. No,
  5. Hi Ross. Yes, I'm Steve Registering on the Website gives you access tg0o additional forums. You'll need to register as a volunteer if you haven't already. As a data entry person for example. This will then give you access to the data entry team forum. You can then receive a personal project e-mail. If you have any questions about onboarding, please let me know. W We want to make things as easy and clear and well signposted as possible, and this appolies to everything, so if any of this wasn't or isn't clear, I'd really like to know (you can include screen shots if you like) and I will look into making this better. Did you get edit access recently? Pleaase make yourself known to the data entry team. Gabe and Joao are running it and they can advice on what can be done on the explorer.
  6. Thanks, Victor. All that sounds fine. Genomes for virtually everything is free/open source on some sites. Dr Rob Leigh is a project consultant with us and specialises, for the purpose of our project, on phylogenetic analysis and building the tree baeed entirely on peer reviewed sources or informatrion and the results will be our own. Rob is going to teach interested folk and produce guidance in how to do this and provide access to the software and is looking for people to help and learn, so that we have continuiuty. It seemeded like a gresat opportunity for you to see a new side to some science you masy not be familiar with which may bode well on your resume and potentiaslly be a new interest focus. Regarding consultancy. I am looking for people who have a good knowledge or interest in an area of the tree. You do not need to be the most knowledgable or even have a specialism, but your dedication has shown me a lot and you know vhow to research or get access to informatrion that you donm't know, and as we grow and may get people who are better qualified, you can remain a consultant as we are not limited to one. You would provide different or shared vfunctions. Many queries are at a level you can more than adequetly address and you can grow and learn from those around you. Being a consultant/associated with or being an active member of the PEP team also looks good i9n many ways for you, and increasingly so as we grow. I wantb to reward dedication as well as qualified placements. I will sort the forum out.
  7. A blog is so diverse and open in termns of length, depth, topic etc. I'm looking for interesting stories, information, news, research and related. It doesn't need to be a regular thing. I'm thinking of doing a weekly one with different contributors who can revisit or do a new blog anytime. So, you can put something together or use all or parts of what you posted, withy or without pics. And I'll post the blog with your name.
  8. A fascinating read, Victor. Read all of both posts. There are data fields for images (when the white screen fix is done). I'd say this is worthy of a blog. You are welcome/invited to make one or turn this into one. Let me or Borg know.
  9. Hi Victor. It might be good to have a summary of this in the appropriate clades for reference, though I'm sure Gavin Naylor will have been referenced by you. Do you know if any species of Scyliorhinidae has had its gemome analysed as yet? Do you know if Gavin Naylor's cartaligenous fish phylogeny has been put or is available in the Newark format? Are you in contact with him (if he's still active/around)? Would you like to learn some new science in phylogenetic analysis from an expert and consider being a consultant and focus on this fish clade? I'd like you to join a select group of scientists in a forum regarding some aspecrts of the tree/data entry and which data fields to add.
  10. Hi Ross. Have we communicated before? Thank you so much for helping out. Are you in the Facebook group? You highlight a well-known key problem area. A development update included the ability to make the extinct function work as a clade. As you may well know, if ANY clade node is denoted as extinct, then NOTHING subordinate to that clade node can be extant. The problem was, that the new function which enables this, was put in after many annotations had already been entered, some wrongly. The data entry team are suspending much of the data entry imminently in order to prepare some exciting new things. If you haven’t already, please (with Weare Borg’s help) get into the Data entry forum which is a communication hub for data entry where all relevant things will be raised. Data entry are also looking for help in preparing the ground with various roles available which may interest you. They will no doubt post in the forum shortly. Thanks,
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/Wales_conjoined_twins Medical ethics can be a very tricky, subjective, delicate issue, encompassing many angles. Yet also cut and dry in some cases. Abortion and euthanasia can be polar opposites, depending on one’s life or theological/philosophical viewpoint, but if one removes the position of the individual and look solely from a neutral position, if such exists, then the puzzle changes. If one takes the position that life is created, sacred and only the creator should intervene, then a polarizing position can be taken, and rightly so, if one’s position is correct. If one assumes everything is entirely natural, then one can begin to define life and when it begins, and what it is prior to that, and what value it holds. There are of course people who believe in a god and yet accept abortion and vice versa of course. There are variations. But life and events and circumstances are fluid and not always so easy, no matter how extreme ones views are on a spectrum. Here’s one. These form of twins are quite rare. It’s largely two people from the midriff and one below. In itself, it is not impossible to separate them, and it has been done before. An extreme view which holds that there should never be interference or anything artificial done, then one pretty much has to reject medicine, vaccines, artificial respiration, re-starting hearts etc. I doubt anyone holds this view in theory or practise, although it does seem consistent with the idea that only God decides when it’s time. Others may take the view that it is our responsibility, given the gift of intelligence, to sustain or even extend life as much as possible. To be fair, an alternate, naturalistic view might be similar (no interference) or the opposite, that we can or should sustain or extent life at all costs, and seek technology to do so, whilst perhaps simultaneously trying to create the defect-free, perfect lifeforms. In the case of these twins, whilst they each have a head, brain, heart, lungs and a spine, they share 3 kidneys and only one liver, spleen and digestive tract (and one assumes, share genitalia and waste exit. In itself, if separated, this would mean having to introduce new body parts, necessary for life, as well as how to share/split the pelvic bones. Having only one leg would be trivial by comparison. But one of the twins has a week heart and the other is weak, as the other parasitically draws additional blood and other functionality from the other. So, separation would almost certainly end in the imminent death of one twin, but (despite the high risks of an operation) give the remaining twin a much better chance of living a long time, albeit with a significant disability. To do nothing, will result in the very short life expectancy of both, and it if one died, it would be too late to save or separate the other. There are no clear answers here, and to use the excuse of doing nothing can be compared to the trolley dilemma (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trolley_problem) which the relatively new law of gang culpability - if one is merely present, you are guilty, shows. To what extent, if any, do we consider the view of the parents, the patient(s), whether the patient(s) is able to communicate or not, one’s beliefs, one’s culture, the law of the land etc.?
  12. Hi mblance, Steve again. Just tov say that, you seem to have multiple skills and we have separate teams, focussing on specific areas and it would be good to have you in multiple ones so you get a feel for what isv required so you can best position yourself or help with the greater/more immediate needs. Gabe runs/manages/leads the Explorer (data entry/research team) along with Joao Ferreira. We have a new phylogeny software analyst who could use help, too. This is more science, research, compiling and data entry based, working on building the tree/databasde/dendrogram. Emmanuel and Orwell are running the development/IT aspect, and obviously understanding both of these aspects will be more beneficial to understand the needs. We are currently very short on developers and urgently need to recruit more, including lead devs. Social media is run by weeare Borg and he is looking for admin and development help and anyone who can utilise/optimise some of the social media, like twitter to reach out. There's other stuff, too, but this sems to be the more relevant to you. Hope it helps, and it's greast to have you onboard!
  13. Hi Seraph. Sorry, I mentionewde in your member intro that that was the place for artists to meet. There should be a forum dedicated for you. If you can't see it, I'll ensure you get access. Steve
  14. Dear Ariel (what an awesome name!), A warm welcone to you. I will bring the other artists here (from the old slack location), as this is the new team focus/discussion/action location. When they arrive, we can discuss what needs doing, but please feel free to share ideas, thoughts, ask questions etc.
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